On a particularly hot day this past week, I found myself walking a beauitful, empty World Showcase. Sharing video while I strolled, I found myself wanting. My stomach growling so loud that passer bys probably thought I had a small bear in my stomach, that I pulled over to the "Liberty Inn" located next to the "American Adventure" inside Epcot's World Showcase.
Having lived here, on and off for the last 6 years, I have tried many things. BUT I never really reviewed them, so with the launch of a new brand, website, forums, blog, AND podcast, it sure was time too!

Normally I try to eat fairly light on the go, as dining with the Mouse can be quite costly. But the benefits of living here is that I can do that one day and the next go all out. Since yesterday I was laid up with blisters, I was super ready to eat well today. Their menu actually seemed quite healthy, many chicken options. I decided on the Red, White, and Blue with Chicken.
This salad consisted of field greens (fancy way of saying lettuce-which is romaine), grilled chicken, dried cranberries, pecans, apples, blue cheese and Sherry Vinaigrette. Today's price was $10.99 and for dessert I chose the peach cobbler because it just sounded like the two would go well together. Jaime, a WONDERFUL older CM took my order with no problem AND asked if I was an Annual Passholder. Well sure as heck I am, I get a 20% discount off my lunch? Since when? He said until October of this year, and I was tickled pink!

Now I was one of the first to order lunch here, like I said it was around 11:30 when I walked in, so the place was empty. Not sure if the chicken had to be plucked and de-feathered first, but I wound up waiting while others walked away who ordered after me. Maybe they were still getting the "mixed greens" from "The Land?" Anyways the gal asks me if I want something extra for waiting....ahhh yeah...ALWAYS SAY YES TO FREE DISNEY FOOD.... ANY FOOD. I asked for a cookie for later, and was quite happy when my tray was finally ready full of healthy salad with a side of sugar and carbs to boot!

The portion size comes in those brown half dishes I have seen served at the Festivals, altho Id say this was on the bigger side. I believe "Sunshine Seasons" also uses these dishes, as I have enjoyed many a Mongolian Beef there. Back to the portion, it was A LOT to eat! You basically have a full grilled chicken breast with probably a good 3 cups of the mixed greens with the goodies. Could you split it? If you are watching your weight and aren't ravenous, yes. I did look to see if there was a kid portion and there isn't. It was plenty to eat and I thought justified the price- even the dressing was just enough- can't stand when places drown your salad like its a punishment.

The Peach Cobbler was nice and warm on the inside, and tasted fresh. What I mean is that if they did drop it out of some can and nuke it, I couldn't tell- delicious! $4 and some change, a little on the high side I feel, but all in all the portion was suitable for the price.

I thought the pairing worked wonderfully and I would recommend either of these items for that much needed meal break through half the World Showcase. I hope you find this helpful, have a magical day!