2017 Candlelight Procession with Neil Patrick Harris

The first time we experienced the Candlelight Procession was at Disneyland in 2009. Only a few time in our Disney life have we experienced something so magical and heart warming. This year would be our first time to experience the Candlelight here in Florida. I have heard so many people talk about the different narrators and the awesomeness of it all so my expectations was, this is going to be good.

I felt for our first time we should do the dinner package that they offered this would be a nice Christmas tradition for our family. The cost is $58 per person with priority seating and one of the participating restaurants dinner includes appetizer, entrée, drink, and dessert.

We chose to eat at Nine Dragons which is a favorite for Donny and I. Our reservation was at 5:30 and were seated within 5 minutes of arriving. The waiter was wonderful as he explained what is included then we made our decision for food. I choose the cucumber salad and Donny got the pot stickers. Both were very good. I felt the cucumber salad was really like eating sweet pickles my grandma use to make with flakes of red peppers on top. I am not complaining but the fact that I never had it before shocked me that it was just that, sweet and spicy good. Donny’s pot stickers were also very tasty and for both of us who never had it before, we will definitely have them again. For our main entrée we both choose to have the Honey Sesame Chicken with fried rice. Again it was delicious. Donny was actually looking for his past favorite there, Sweet and Sour Pork with sea weed noodles but it was not longer on the menu. We had an option for dessert but choose to pass as we were both very full.

After dinner we walked over to the American Pavilion and got in line. We were arriving just as the other lines were seating for the 7pm show. The wait was pleasant and as always we enjoyed talking with fellow Disney nerds to pass the time. Finally we were lead in and had very good seats in the front section about the 4th row in. The atmosphere was very much in the holiday and we were ready to have our second wow moment with this performance. Well, that didn’t happen. I can say it was nice and the music was incredible and Neil Patrick Harris was a good narrator but it was lacking something. Something more magical. As we walked away we both looked at each other like, huh that was nice but I don’t need to do it again. All I can say is that seeing Candlelight at Disneyland may have ruined it for us. We tried to not be biased but in the end, Disneyland really has something special there. Can it be that it is held on Main Street or that you feel surrounded by the music and the trumpeters are actually standing on the train station building? It could be. But it you have never seen the one in Disneyland then maybe this one could be that for you here.

In the end, all I can say is it is a nice offering and if you are looking for a family tradition this could be it. But I would skip the dinner package and just watch it from the back.

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